SFA Men's Basketball Team: 'We hope to be the Cinderella this year'

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - You may think Stephen F. Austin's Athletic Director Robert Hill is a fortune teller now that the Lumberjacks, the 12th seed in the NCAA Tournament, are facing off against VCU, the 5th seed in the tournament.

"We want to go forward. We want to be the next Wichita State. We want to be the next VCU. We believe we can do that at SFA and I think we have the guy that can make that happen," said Hill as he introduced Brad Underwood as the new men's basketball head coach back in April of 2013.

Before the season, Hill strived to be like VCU and now the 'Jacks have the opportunity to move past the program they once were striving to be just like.

"We think we got a really good draw. We think we can definitely beat them and come up with an upset," said junior, shooting guard, Thomas Walkup.

If the Lumberjacks beat the Rams, it would technically be and upset, but it's an upset many sports analysts have picked to happen.

There's a lot of chatter about SFA being the Cinderella of this year's NCAA Tournament with the upsets.

"That's what we're dreaming for," said Walkup. "We hope that we can be the Cinderella this year."

The chatter is too loud for coaches and players to block out entirely, but they aren't completely buying into it either.

"It's an honor for them to pick us, but that doesn't mean anything until we take care of business," said senior, shooting guard, Desmond Haymon. "We try not to let that dial into us and rely on that because once the ball goes into the air, it's up to us to take care of business."

"It does feel good whenever you hear your name and when you hear this it is a possible upset, but I wouldn't say I'm buying into it," said Walkup. "I would say we're confident and that we think we can win the game for sure, but I'm not completely listening. Some people say that we're loosing so I'm not buying into that either."

The 'Jacks say getting to the tournament was their goal, but they don't want to stop there.

"This is just the start to our dreams and we're trying to make things happen at the tournament, not just be at the tournament," said Walkup.

Not everyone is picking SFA to win, and plenty have their doubts about this East Texas team. The 'Jacks say they are fine with that too.

"Those people that don't pick us, motivate us to work harder and be more focused on the game," said senior, forward, Nikola Gajic. "It makes us want to play harder and prove them wrong."

"At the end of the day the court's 94-feet, and the rims are 10-feet high, and we got to go hoop," said Head Coach Brad Underwood.

Only time will tell if Cinderella's shoe is a fit for the Lumberjacks.

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