Senator Ted Cruz visits Lufkin

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been making rounds throughout Texas. Wednesday, Senator Cruz made a stop in Lufkin for Q & A session. About 20 east Texans filled the conference room at the Brookshire Brothers headquarters. The round table brought together employers, politicians, people from all different walks of life. This session not only gave residents the opportunity to ask concerning questions but to also vent about issues they feel have plagued their businesses and community. Senator Cruz spent about 45 minutes trying to give them some clarity.  The topic that seemed to be on everyone's mind was the Affordable Care Act.

"The economic impact of Obamacare, the impact of our employers specifically of what those initiatives mean to us and what can we do to position ourselves to deal with it the best we can, "stated John Alston, Chief Operations Officer for Brookshire Brothers.

Senator Cruz had shared his thoughts. "Every small business round table that we do in the state we hear what we just heard here. over and over and over again which is that Obama care is killing jobs,  causing millions of people to lose their jobs, to be forced to work part time to lose their health insurance, and to see their premiums sky rocket," Cruz said.

Local business owner Don Langston was one of the few whose main focus was not on health care, but rather immigration laws and regulation.

"In our particular it's a real concern because we have lost the ability to have a legal means to bringing in skilled workers for particular facets of our business and consequently we are seeing quite a drain on the labor pool which has caused inflation," Langston said.

One question that surprisingly didn't get asked was whether Senator Cruz was planning on running for the presidential race in 2016. The topic has been getting some buzz around the state after supporters Wednesday launched the website. The site is seeking one million signatures for a petition urging Senator Cruz to run.

When KTRE asked Senator Cruz if he had presidential aspirations he dodged the question. "My focus is working for 26 million Texans. Working to focus on jobs and economic growth and defending our constitutional rights."

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