Cake Angel back in the kitchen with help of community

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Thursday afternoon the sweet smell of cake filled Debbie Coleman's home.

The cake angel is returning to the kitchen following a stroke in January and her 7th heart attack in February.

"God's going to take care of me, he's taken care of me this far," said Coleman.

Coleman says it's back to business for the Cake Angel Foundation.

Since 2010 Coleman has been making uniquely decorated birthday cakes for children who wouldn't have one otherwise at no charge.

And now she's getting a little help.

"I have ladies that are coming in now to bake and decorate and deliver they've just been amazing," said Coleman.

Central student Jennifer Campbell serves as Vice President of Service Learning for the Texas
Association of Family Career and Community Leaders of America for Region 3.

She says her job is to pick a community service project for her region and she chose cake angels hoping to help meet a local need.

"We made flyers and posted them on our website and any school that wanted to could raise their own cake mix drive," said Campbell.

Campbell says 15 schools participated and they collected nearly 1,600 boxes of cake mix along with other baking goods like oil, powdered sugar and canned milk.

"Having the ingredients right here saves a lot of time," said Coleman.

While doing their part to contribute, students added their own special touch.

"They get cake but we didn't know if they got presents or cards, so getting a card from someone is probably very meaningful for them," said Campbell.

But for Coleman the greatest gift is the ability to help those in need and inspiring others to do the same.

"The community stepping up and paying it forward I get a bigger blessing than the kids do because I have been touched so much by them," said Coleman.

To order a cake Debbie Coleman can be reached at: 936-637-3051.

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