A garden sprouts up in memory of loved ones

A memorial garden has sprouted from a recipe of success. Around three years Doris Gage and a group of grandma's, and staff at Pinecrest Retirement Community thought it would be a good idea to put all of their heir loom recipes into one book.

"You know everyone loves mama's cooking...but even better than mama's cooking is grandma's cooking," Doris Gage said.

Contributor Karen Lazarine said originally the vision for the cookbook was small.

"I thought it would be a book we made ourselves, tied together with strings but the book committee just wouldn't stand for it so we found a publishing company," Lazarine said.

Getting the cookbook published was no easy task it meant ordering 500 copies. The senior citizens reluctantly placed the order and to their amazement they sold out in just two hours. They're book is also winning publication.

"and then somebody with Methodist Retirement Committee  submitted our cookbook to the art is Ageless Leading Age Texas and we ended up winning publication of the year," Lazarine said.

Proceeds from the cookbook were used to create a memorial garden.

"We call it our memory garden and we will have shrubs and blooming plants," Gage said.

It is in honor of their loved one, and friends that have passed away.

"There's recipes in the cookbook from people who are no longer with us and so I can go to my cookbook and cook their recipes and think about all the great times we had together," Lazarine said.

It's just a gesture to show how much love has gone into a cook book, memories, and a garden.

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