SFA Men's Basketball team on matchup against VCU: 'They call it havoc for a reason'

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - We've come to the end of the season where every team is good, every athlete is talented, and it's a matter of executing your strategy for the game in order to move on in the big dance.

The Lumberjacks know they are entering a game against a team that is known to cause, "Havoc."

Even fans of the Rams where t-shirts with the word, "Havoc," on them, which seems to define the VCU defense with their full-court press.

"They're good. They call it havoc for a reason," said Head Coach Brad Underwood. "With their style of defense, they lead the country in turnovers and steals."

"They kind of play like a fast, up-tempo pace and press the whole game. They pick up full court," said senior, shooting guard, Desmond Haymon.

The 'Jacks rank among the NCAA's best in both assists and turnover margin with their own full-court pressure.

"We pick up full court. They are going to guard, we are going to guard, so we are going to see who will be the best defensive team of the night," said Haymon.

The 'Jacks say the key is not getting caught up in the havoc VCU will try to throw in their faces. They're confident they can counter the Rams with their own style of play. A style of play that consists of great ball handling skills, and selfless play

"We have 5 people that can handle the ball and we think that's a big advantage for us," said junior, forward, Thomas Walkup. "We can turn their aggressive press into points, easy layups, open 3's on our end."

"We have to counter with different things like our intelligence, and our ability to pass, and execute," said Underwood. "We can't let their athleticism speed us up to a point that we don't function."

"They like to press a lot and we take care of the ball. We feel like we'll be in a good situation at the end of the game," said Haymon. "We're going to continue playing SFA basketball. They are going to try to get us out of our game, but you can't just let anybody get you out of your game. We got to stick to our game plan, and just stay focused on that."

The 'Jacks style of play has gotten them this far, and they don't expect much to change in their identity of who they are.

"We can make adjustments pretty quick because our basketball IQ. That's helped us a great deal so we'll make some minor changes, but we're not going to change everything after 31 wins," said Underwood.

31 wins the 'Jacks hope to make 32 after tomorrow night's game.

The game tips off at 6:30 p.m. in San Diego.

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