Health officials weigh in on health at ETECH wellness fair

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - We all know our health is incredibly important and for Etech employees, they got the chance to take a day to focus on just that.

The Lufkin location of the global services company hosted an employee health fair today with over 200 vendors from the community.

Despite many employees living a healthy lifestyle, health can sometimes be like spinning a wheel. You never know what disease you could potentially get during your lifetime.

"85 percent of these illnesses such as heart disease, stroke—these are preventative," said Sabrina Lillard, a registered nurse at Memorial Health Systems of East Texas.

Lillard  says coming out to wellness fairs is a way for the hospital system to let people know that your health is the most important part of life.

"We know that if our employees are well, we have higher productivity, happier work place, and work staff, and a happier overall community," Lillard said.

And that's the point Etech made today.

"We feel like if they are healthy they are going to be more productive," said Alana Culpepper, the human resources manager for the company.

Martha Williams, a sales clerk for the company, says she really enjoys the fair.

"I think it's very important because a lot of the employees don't get the chance to go to the doctor, or they don't have a doctor so this benefits us with blood pressure," Williams said. "If your heart is bad, or if you can't hear, or you can't see, there are so many options and then you find out things are going on with you that you didn't even know," Williams said.

But that's not all Etech had up their sleeve. They even offered a short Zumba class for the employees, and allowed them to throw pie in their managers face for reaching their sales goals.

"The last time we had a fair like this, every vendor that we had said that they had benefitted from giving our employees their service," Culpepper said.

And it's a way for the community to economically grow and become more diverse when it comes to health care.

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