Longtime, recent SFA fans have purple on the brain as 'Jacks gear up for NCAA tourney

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - We are about 30minutes away from seeing if the Cinderella slipper fits on the Stephen F.Austin State University Lumberjacks team.

Fans have been readyfor this game all week. SFA will facing Virginia Commonwealth University in theNCAA Tournament in San Diego, California, and long time Jacks fans have beenwaiting for this a long time.

Everywhere you lookin Nacogdoches, purple seems to be on the brain.

And for long-time Lumberjackfans, that's understandable.

"I was here when theyweren't winning," Trina Menefree said. "It wasn't about the Lumberjacks, so forit to be about the Lumberjacks, it is like, 'Ahhhh.'"

"I remember when youwould go watch the Ladyjacks play and you would get up and leave," DouglasDurban said. "You wouldn't even watch the Lumberjacks play. For them to do sowell and have their own following is really good."

And even new fanshave bought in.

"It means a lot,"Brandon Howard said. "I mean they put in time and effort."

Saying fans saw thiscoming would be untrue, which is what makes this year so memorable.

"It' been a fun rideand a lot of my guys have been going to the game and showing support," ShadEllis said.

"I was reallysurprised with the coaching chain and losing some key players," Erik Hawkinssaid. "I assumed they were going to be middle of the pack."

"I am proud of SFA. Iam proud of our students and community," Laura Turner. "It just makes me happyto see that SFA is getting some recognition that it needs."

"They're just greatkids and the coach is such a gentlemen," Ron Hurst said. "Everybody likes himand he could probably run for president. In this town, I know he could."

Long time Lumberjackfans couldn't be more proud of their team, and they say win or lose, anythingthat happens after tonight is just icing on the cake.

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