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Mid-City residents don't want parking lot in their neighborhood

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A group of Mid-City residents are trying to block Volunteers of America from building a parking lot in their neighborhood.

Gayle Gagliano loves the tranquility of her Mid-City neighborhood. From her porch, Gagliano's got a good view of the street, made up of homes and an empty, grassy lot.

Volunteers of America owns the lot which sits just behind their office on Canal Street. They want to turn it into additional parking spots for their employees. The non-profit is in the process of obtaining a conditional use permit from the city but the idea isn't sitting well with Gagliano and others. "Would you take a look at it and see if you'd like that across from the street from your house? I don't think anybody would," said Gagliano.

Resident Danny Troyano says he's worried about traffic congestion on the quiet street and drainage. "It's still going to be a flood plain, it's still going to be an eyesore and it could be a beautiful house, we'd much prefer that," said Troyano.

In a statement given to FOX 8, Volunteers of America says before plans were drawn up, residents were invited to their office to discuss the project. After the meetings, the plans were altered to address concerns of the neighborhood.

But some are still vehemently against the proposal. Gagliano organized a petition, which is circulating amongst people who live near the site. The plan is to present the petition to the city planning commission next month, when the issue will be taken up.

Gagliano explains, "We've gotten a number of signatures and we're still working on it. We have more troops out there right now gathering signatures in this immediate area."

Not everyone is opposed to the plan. "I'm a resident on Canal Street and I park on the street to enter and exit my house so that would be wonderful to have cars off the street," said Nancy Crow.

Crow thinks a parking lot would be more beneficial to a neighborhood than an empty lot. Ultimately though, it'll be up to the city planning commission to come up with a recommendation on this project before the full city council takes up the issue.

Gagliano's petition has so far, garnered 60 signatures. The city's planning commission meeting will take place April 8th.

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