Center ER to bring nearly 40 new jobs; $1.5 million in payroll

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches Medical Center is looking to hire 30-37 employees for its Center site by Christmas.

"We broke ground February 12th and we're getting ready to lay down all the groundwork and dirt work and shuffling all that on to it. So, they're still on schedule according to plan," said Scott Sundell, the associate administrator director for business development at the hospital.

The move would bring an estimated $1.5 million in payroll to the economy, and Sundell says they will be transferring some employees from the Nacogdoches site.

"We do have quite a few employees at the hospital here that do live in Center and the surrounding areas so they'll of course want to be closer to home," Sundell said. "So, there will be some transfer from our hospital out to Center. We anticipate hiring a bulk of people from Center and from that area and we'll also need to hire new people for the hospital here."

Sundell says because Center no longer has an acute care facility, the added jobs will boost the economy.

"Once it is open it will finally address those after hour's needs that are not being met by the community and it will also allow a place for the ambulances to go and drop off patients quicker," Sundell said. "Currently, ambulances have to go all the way to San Augustine or all the way to Nacogdoches to drop off a patient, leaving to long transfer times."

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