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Sharon Peralta wins latest court fight against estranged husband

CHALMETTE, LA (WVUE) - The bitter battle between the Peraltas in St. Bernard Parish was back in court Monday as Parish President Dave Peralta tried to prove that his estranged wife, Sharon, is not as poor as she recently claimed in court documents. But when all was said and done, Sharon Peralta won this round of the legal wrangling.

"It was [the] truth," said Sharon Peralta. "All I did was tell the truth, and the judge saw the truth so I'm thankful."

Sharon and her estranged husband have been in and out of courthouses for months as their divorce battle plays out in the public.

"She's hurting my parish, and that's the number one concern," said Dave Peralta outside the courthouse.

The latest legal fight was over Mr. Peralta's attempt to prove that his wife is not "indigent" as she claims. At the heart of his court filing was the fact that Sharon Peralta, who worked as a paralegal for the parish, stated on a court document last month that she did not receive a parish government paycheck after Jan. 10, 2014.

Mr. Peralta's attorney, David Jarrell, called several parish employees, including the finance director, to show that Mrs. Peralta was paid through Feb. 7.

"He proved that a lot of the statements that she made were false," said Mr. Peralta. "Well, if you lie once, how many more times do you lie?"

Sharon Peralta testified she that she thought her pay had been cut off after January of this year because she was on leave. She said in court Monday afternoon that she didn't bother checking her bank account balance as a result. The In Forma Paupis affidavit that she filled out in February helped her get "pauper" status relating to her ability to pay normal court fees for legal filings.

"Sharon knew that she was getting paid," stated Dave Peralta.

But after hours of testimony, the retired judge presiding over the hearing did not reverse the earlier ruling regarding Sharon Peralta's financial status.

"She's not working right now, and she has no income other than the interim support that she was afforded by the judge," said Sharon Peralta's lawyer, Vernon Thomas, as they left the courthouse.

Dave Peralta thinks - in a way - he won in court.

"This is to show the attorney general that she doesn't tell the truth," he said.

The civil proceedings aside, Sharon Peralta also accuses her husband of sexually assaulting her last year.

"Which is totally untrue," Dave Peralta said of the allegations of rape made by his wife.

State Attorney General Buddy Caldwell continues to review those claims. In an email to FOX 8 News on Monday, staffers said witnesses are also being interviewed to determine the appropriate course of action.

"I think after this transcript goes to the attorney general, I think the attorney general is going to think twice about moving forward with this, but let me say this: If the attorney general elects to have a grand jury, I want to be the first one to testify," said Dave Peralta.

For now, both appear to want their marriage to officially come to an end.

"Absolutely, absolutely, yes," said Sharon Peralta.

"I'm ready for the dissolution of the marriage," Dave Peralta said.

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