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Two companies to fight Obamacare in Supreme Court Tuesday

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Two companies will take their case to the Supreme Court Tuesday, arguing that parts of the Affordable Care Act violate their religious freedoms.

Hobby Lobby, based in Oklahoma City, along with Conestoga Wood Specialties, based in Pennsylvania, argue that they should not have to provide insurance coverage for emergency contraception as outlined under the new law.

The case focuses on just four of 20 birth control methods covered under the Affordable Care Act, specifically medication like Plan B, which ends life after conception.

Hobby Lobby’s owners are Southern Baptist, while Conestoga Wood Specialties’ owner is a Mennonite. Both companies argue that they are protected under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a Federal law passed in 1993. The law prevents the government from “burdening a person’s exercise of religion,” even if the burden results from a general, nationwide law, such as the Affordable Care Act.

However experts believe the real question in the case is whether or not private, for-profit companies are offered the same religious liberty protections as individual citizens.

While the case will be heard Tuesday, the decision by the Supreme Court Justices will likely take a few months to come down.

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