Nacogdoches mom speaks out about 3-year-old son shooting death

Kandace Howard said she is trying her best to stay strong, for the sake of her children.

"At night whenever I am alone that's when I break down," Howard said.

For Howard the last couple weeks have been hard, ever since she lost her son.

"He had been shot," Howard said.

It's a mother's worst nightmare. On the morning of March 10, Braison Howard and his cousin were playing in a shed, when all of a sudden a 20-gauge shotgun Braison and his cousin were playing with went off. A bullet struck Braison in the head. His mother said she doesn't know what exactly happened because her nephew is having a hard time coping with the incident and won't talk about it

"I believe they were playing toy gun," Howard said. "My husband's brother had put it up on a top shelf close to the roof in the shed.".

She adds that sadly it didn't stop her nephew from finding the gun.

"He got on a stool, got the gun and loaded it himself," Howard said.

Howard said she understands it was an accident and she is not blaming her nephew. She also wants the public to know that she did not neglect her son.

"It's hard to watch your kid every single second especially when you have other kids," Howard said.

Howard said that she is going to miss her outgoing little boy and she has plans for him.

"He is scared of the dark so we are going to shine light on his headstone when we get him one," Howard said.

The Narravo County Sheriff's office says they are conducting a full investigation. No charges have been filed, and they say all signs point to this shooting being a tragic accident.

On Sunday, April 6, friends of Howard will be hosting an event to raise money for Braison burial. The event Memorial Team Roping will be held at Attoyac Arena. The event starts at 1 p.m. For more information contact Cristin Crofford at (936) 558-8628

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