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AZ Allergist calls it a 'crazy' allergy season


 "More runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing," said allergy sufferer Carole MacLean.

Sound familiar?  Well it's definitely been worse than normal out there.

"Our allergy season usually starts in mid-February.  But even the beginning of January we were already starting to see symptoms, it was unbelievable," said Dr. Duane Wong with Arizona Allergy Associates.

It's OK to blame the weather.  In addition to Tuesday's dust storm and windy conditions for Wednesday, a mild winter with the lack of freezing temperatures is the reason more Kleenex is selling this season.  But there are some things that can be done to minimize symptoms.

"Keep your windows closed and your doors closed to your bedroom.  And stay inside during the peak hours," said Wong.

Specifically, 5 p.m. through 10 a.m. the following morning is when pollen counts are highest.  Currently, it's grass and tree pollen that are wreaking havoc out there.

"Keep in mind that the pollen particles are microscopic so they can blow up to 400 miles on a windy day," added Wong.

So is it allergies or a cold?  If you have nasal allergies, chances are, your also have itchy, watery eyes.  That typically doesn't happen with a cold.  And if you do suffer from allergies, you'll want to start treatment before symptoms arrive.

"I stay ahead of it.  If something is happening, I'll rinse my nose, I'll take my medicine, and I'll come see Dr. Wong for injections if that's necessary," said MacLean.

And since freezing temperatures are out of the question, allergy sufferers should hope for heat.

"Once it gets hot a few days in a row, then the pollen counts drop down. And even though it's hot, most people start to feel a lot better then," Wong said.

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