Students reaction to new SFA logo in regards to SFA basketball success: 'It's insulting'

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Many SFA students and alumni have made it clear that they are not a fan of the new SFA logo that the university had planned to unveil Wednesday before deciding to cancel the ceremony.

Two years ago, the university made a slight change to remove the red in the logo that bordered the SFA letters. Despite that, the current logo has represented the university for several years. It is now the SFA logo many have come to know now more than ever, because of the success the men's basketball team had in the NCAA Tournament and on the national stage.

The new logo was leaked on Twitter Tuesday, the night before the ceremony was suppose to take place.

The power of social media took off from there, and waves of negative backlash about the new logo surfaced.

SFA President Baker Pattillo sent an email out to the university saying that the unveiling ceremony for the logo was canceled, "To not diminish the recent success of the SFA Basketball Team."

Many SFA students and alumni have gone on to say that the pride at SFA is at it's highest peak yet because to the most recent success of the basketball program, and their historic season.

Students on campus voiced their concerns about the logo, and how they feel it has effected what the SFA Men's Basketball program has managed to accomplish this year.

"In a general scale of how it affects the basketball team I would say that it's pretty detrimental to the honor put upon SFA," said Audrey Yager, a SFA student. "The basketball team worked so hard to put us on the map, to show the entire nation what SFA is about and how relentless we are in our pursuit of excellence. It's kind of insulting to SFA Basketball."

Other students agree.

"I think it's not very representative of our school and it's killing the hype of our basketball team," said Ryan Rougely, an SFA student.

Since the leaked photo of the logo, students say they can't seen to stop talking about it amongst the campus.

"The other day when SFA had their pep rally for the basketball team, it was exciting and jubilate," said Brandon Howard, an SFA student. "Now, all you see on twitter is backlash on the logo. Every time you turn the corner you hear people talk about the logo which isn't good for SFA school spirit or for people on the outside looking in."

Students on campus seemed confident that the fan base would not sway for the basketball team if athletics were to adopt this new logo.

"I don't think the logo is going to damper the fan base. I don't think it's going to damper the spirit that we have, but I do believe that is if SFA tries to go through with this logo, the fan base will just riot and say, 'No we like what we have had, and we like what we stand for.' That something is not a sloppy logo that's going to insult the valiant effort of SFA Basketball," said Yager.

The athletic department declined to comment about the logo, saying this is strictly an effort from the university.

There is no news at this time whether all of SFA Athletics will have to sport the new logo.

It could get costly for SFA Athletics if they were made to switch because they just switched from Nike to Under Armor this year. By doing that, they printed the original SFA logo on all athletic gear. Not to mention, the football field was recently remodeled with the original logo.

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