SFA suspending new logo, effective immediately

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Stephen F. Austin State University has announced that it is suspending the use of a new logo recently created, effective immediately.

SFA President Baker Pattillo issued the following statement:

"For the past two days, we have listened to input from SFA stakeholders and evaluated the messages received. We understand those concerns, and because we value the opinion of all of our constituents, we are suspending the new logo effective immediately."

The launch of SFA's marketing campaign on Monday, March 31, will continue as scheduled; however, the logo SFA has been using since 2004 will be featured on the ads in place of the new logo.

Shirley Luna, Executive Director of University Marketing Communications said, "Although use of the new logo has been suspended, we hope everyone will be patient as we make this logo change throughout the ad campaign materials as quickly as possible."

It didn't take long for students to hear about the news.

"I was excited I was like, 'thank you,'" Ashley Darden said. "They were going to have to change all of the stuff."

Students said they are still sticking by their initial beliefs.

"You could see SFA and see where Nacogdoches was," Darden said. "I figured that was something cool."
"I felt like there was no reason to change the old logo, it was fine the way it was," Briazlea Fields said.
"Why change it to the new one that looked like a 5 year-old drew that," Jenell Walker said.
"The new one just looked like it had been drawn by children," Jessica Coker said.

Even though the majority of students seemed to be happy with the news, there were some that thought the new logo could have worked.

"The only thing constant is change so it didn't bother me at all," Genesis Robles said.
"I thought it looked nice and fresh," James Koepke said. "I was really excited to see us going in a new direction."

Either way, students agree that the backlash on social media, after a photo of the new logo was leaked before the official unveiling, was the cause for the sudden change.

"I didn't know anything about the petition until someone told me," Fields said. "They said there is a petition on twitter. 'I was like okay what is it about? The logo. What logo?, so I feel like with social media it did play a big part."

"There were pictures all over the place," Koepke said. "I was a little upset that people were so adamant about it that they would leak it online. I just felt like that was really poor taste."

School officials hope the passion shown over two days will continue with the launch of the new campaign featuring the new,old, logo.

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