SFA's ad campaign will go forward, just with old logo

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - If you watch East Texas News or follow ktre.com you already know we've told you that the controversial new logo for Stephen F. Austin State University has been axed.

Too much criticism. Too much opposition. It was more than SFA administrators wanted to hear. So the current logo remains Lumberjack strong.

East Texas News found out just how an ad campaign was stopped in its tracks.

Despite harsh criticism about a logo he helped create, the marketing guru was so sure of himself.

"We're proceeding with the ad campaign because it's the right thing to do," said Chuck Carlberg with the Carlberg/Richards advertising agency.

Yet the brakes squealed. To borrow from another ad campaign in Nacogdoches … axe-idents happen.

"I'm sure that they were disappointed and maybe surprised by the passion that Lumberjacks have for their logo," said Shirley Luna, SFA's marketing and communications director.

Immediately, the presses stopped. The graphically contemporary logo was kicked to the curb. Revisions were ordered.

SFA's administration said out with this look and back to this one.

The advertising firm claiming to have built powerful brands for their clients is yielding to Lumberjack orders.

"They're helping us a great deal," Luna said. "They're working right now to get the billboards reprinted, and they're already working on the digital collateral that we have for our Internet ads, and they've been great to help us move forward with this."

According to the advertising firm, the new logo project cost about $14,000 as part of a $1.25 million marketing plan. There is no word yet about who is footing the bill for the most recent changes.

Right now, the school wants to move forward, rebuild lost momentum following the NCAA Tournament, and reflect on a powerful marketing lesson.

"I think this has re-enforced our knowledge that Lumberjacks do care about SFA and even care about the way we're represented graphically," Luna said. "And I don't think anybody will harbor any ill will over the long haul because they care too much for SFA for that."

The logo created in an afternoon in the SFA field house for nothing has withstood the test of time once again.

The SFA marketing campaign will still launch on Monday. Its focus is re-define the image of the university. The message is SFA is the gateway to a career in virtually any field imaginable.

We'll see on Monday how the current logo we're all familiar with fits in with the campaign.

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