East Texans deal with damage from Friday night storms

Residents all over Deep East Texas experienced a punch from severe weather.

In Huntington, there were reports of debris all over the roadways. There was also some roof damage at several businesses in Huntington.

Nacogdoches also experienced damage. A car parked at the SFA cinematography building  was the victim of a fallen tree.

"Cha! I was putting up pictures and yea that's pretty much it," Korey Wynn said.

Wynn and Shylah Sollis were visiting from Houston and were about to leave to go back.

"I heard it where it was I was like, 'yea that's probably my car and I am going to be chill', and sure enough everyone came running in saying that's my car," Sollis said.

Sollis and Wynn say that they are just grateful they were not in the car and that it is a night they will never forget.

As of 10 p.m. Friday night, 12,000 customers in Angelina County are without power and around 4,400 customers in Nacogdoches County.

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