Lufkin man gets 25 years for sexually assaulting baby

Randy Casper (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Randy Casper (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Editor's Note: This article contains graphic language.

An Angelina County judge has sentenced a Lufkin man who sexually assaulted a baby boy to 25 years in prison.

District Judge Barry Bryan's sentencing comes after a mental health evaluation for Randy Lee Casper, 38.

The evaluation was performed by Sam Houston State University, and it found that Casper was competent of the crime he pleaded guilty to last October. The evaluation also found that Casper had an I.Q. lower than 70.

Angelina Co. Adult Probation officer Lisa Page took the stand and testified about the pre-sentencing investigation that was done.

"Initially he said he was babysitting the child and wanted to see if the child had used the restroom," Page said. "He said he stuck his finger in the child's [rear] to see if he had gone to the bathroom. I asked why he wouldn't have just checked the diaper."

Page continued her testimony and said that Casper would change his answer later in the interview.

"Later he said that he didn't want to watch the child and was angry," Page said. "[Casper] said that's why he stuck his finger in the child's [rear]."

Page continued to answer questions and said that it would have been hard for Casper to qualify for a polygraph since his I.Q. was under 70 and that also due to the low amount of resources for sex offenders in Angelina County, it would be hard for him to also be out of prison on probation.

The child's mom also took the stand and told how she became aware of the injuries her son suffered.

"I went to change him and there was a scratch," the mom said. "[Casper] said he did not know how it got there, but then later on admitted to sticking his fingers inside him."

She continued and said that Casper was living with her family because he was a friend of the family and no one in his family would let him stay with them.

The mom also recalled how Casper would make her feel uncomfortable.

"We were building a deck at my house and he would always come up with an excuse to go inside," the mom said. "Every time he would go inside, the baby monitor would get staticy like it was off. We would go inside and see him holding my son and saying he was trying to put him back to sleep."

The mother also told the judge that her son still has problems from the incident.

"I want him to pay," she said. "[Her child] still has nightmares. He wakes up screaming. He screams while being changed."

After the sentencing, the parents, under the condition of remaining anonymous, told the East Texas News that it was difficult being in the courtroom today.

"[It was] difficult to see him after everything we have found out that he has done," the mother said.

"I'm glad that my son will stop having nightmares," the father said. "I'm glad that it is finally over after all this time."

According to prosecutor Carey Jensen, Casper cannot appeal the sentence because Bryan kept the sentence less than 30 years. This was determined as part of a pre-sentence agreement.

According to the arrest warrant, an Angelina County Sheriff's Office deputy was dispatched to an Angelina County residence on March 22. The mother and father told the deputy that their baby had been sexually assaulted by Casper.

The mother explained she became suspicious when she started seeing evidence that the baby had been molested. She said her and the father confronted Casper and he admitted to molesting the baby on more than one occasion.

When the deputy interviewed Casper, he said he had touched the baby in that area "to see if he pooped."

A SANE exam was conducted, which showed redness and acute trauma to the baby's rear end.

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