Lids with Love providing hats and scarves to East Texas cancer patients

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Robyn Green was sitting in one of these salon chairs whenshe witnessed a hair appointment that prompted her to start a campaign ofgiving.

"Thinking about howsociety is about looks and things and how hard that had to have been for her tosit there and her hair was coming out," said Green

About a month ago at city limits barber and style shop Greensays a cancer patient was at the salon and her hair was coming out in handfuls.

"It was very sad towatch her go through that and be so strong," said Bennie Reneau, Hair Stylist,City Limits.

Green said she left the salon that day with the woman on hermind and began to brainstorm what she could do to help.

"My heart felt likeit was telling me I needed to do something," said Green.

And that something was Lids with Love, a charity collecting hats,scarves and bandanas for those who have lost their hair due to cancer or otherdiseases.

Green says the charity isn't just about collecting donationsbut about spreading love to those who need it.

Along with a hat or scarf recipients will also receive wordsof hope and encouragement from all who donate.

Hairstylist Bennie Renueau says she knows first hard whatimpact each donation will have, she shaved her head five years ago after abrain aneurism and five brain surgeries.

"I chose to shave myhead, people with cancer and going through radiation and chemo and losing theirhair they really don't have that option. Whatever little bit we can do is hugein their lives," said Reneau.

And after witnessing the bravery of a complete stranger Greenbelieves everyone can step up and support.

"There is nobody that's not impacted by cancer you eitherhave a loved one or a friend or know someone," said Green.

You can drop off donations to lids with love a LufkinMiddle School, City Limits Barber and Style Shop and Central High School.

For more information on how to donate of receive at hator scarf contact Robyn Green at the Lufkin Middle School. 

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