Nacogdoches man's close brush with death reinforced his faith

Bill and Lynn Teague (Source: KTRE Staff)
Bill and Lynn Teague (Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)
(Source: KTRE Staff)
Bill Teague points to where his close brush with death occurred. (Source; KTRE Staff)
Bill Teague points to where his close brush with death occurred. (Source; KTRE Staff)

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Surviving a close encounter with death sometimes reinforces one's faith.

And that is exactly what it did for an East Texas man. He attributed God's protection, an effective 911 emergency service, and quality medical service for his miraculous survival.

Bill Teague and his champion Labrador 'Cheers' had just finished a successful retriever test meet outside Giddings.

After loading up, Bill Teague turned onto a very busy and fast Highway 21.

About five miles into the trip something suddenly went wrong.

"I went from feeling perfectly normal to feeling disoriented and not being able to see," Bill Teague said. "And I was just nervous about all that traffic. Only God got me across that highway. There's no other explanation for it."

In trouble, Bill Teague attempted to call his wife for help. He just couldn't manage.

"The second godsend was that as I was trying to find the number on the phone to call my bride, she called me," Teague said. "And she was 182 miles away."

"I said, 'where are you?' and he would try to tell me, but his words just weren't there," said Lynn Teague, Bill's wife. "It was the strangest conversation."

Lyn Teague reluctantly hung up to place a Nacogdoches 911 call. She only guessed where the medical emergency was happening.

"She said, 'Stay on the phone. I'm patching you into to Lee County.'" Lynn Teague said. 'They were so professional."

Lynn happened to be at First United Methodist Church Nacogdoches when she placed the 911 call. Instead of getting on the road where she knew cell phone service was iffy, she waited patiently here at the church. Her associate pastor agreed to pray with her for Bill's safety.

"And as she was finishing that prayer, the phone rang again, just like that, and they were telling me the ambulance was there and they were loading him up," Lynn Teague said.

"My heart rate was just under 200 beats a minute and my blood pressure was 50," Bill Teague said.

Those are Classic symptoms of WPW syndrome, an extra electrical pathway between the heart chambers.

Teague was rushed to Heart Hospital of Austin for emergency surgery.

"I'm a great believer that all days are good, some are just better than others, but this was a great day," Bill Teague said.

Doctors have told Bill Teague his medical problem is eliminated and he will never experience it again. Next week, Bill and Cheers will attend another qualifying meet for Retriever Master Nationals.

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