Lufkin man appears in court after success in prison boot camp

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday 27-year-old Justin Durham found himself back incourt after completing the boot camp program in prison four years ago.

"It all comes down totheir accountability and desire to change," said Dustin Fore, ProbationSupervisor.

Durham was convicted in July of 2010 for his role in two conveniencestore robberies he was sentenced to 10 years in prison but was given probation aftercompleting boot camp.

Probation supervisor Dustin Fore boot camp is a structured environment,mirroring the style of a military boot camp.

"They marcheverywhere they go, strict discipline, yes sir, no sir they have to work ontheir GED, community service projects. It can provide that structure they maynot have had in their life," said Fore.

But in October of 2013 Durham was arrested for burglary ofHabitation, a violation of his probation.

Fore says the program provides significant structure but sayssome may have trouble transitioning back into citizen life.

"If someone has a lotof structure and they are placed in an environment where there is no follow-upwhere its all or nothing I think its setting them up to fail," said Fore.

The T.L Roach Unit in Childress County is the last prisonwith offender boot camp in the state of Texas.

Fore says the trend now is more community based programs.

"They are based onresearch and they stay in the community and we can get them in and monitor thembut if they don't make it they go to prison," said Fore.

Fore says there are people who make it through the boot campand probation and believes after care is essential in their success.

But the choice to change is up to them.

"If they are not ready to use those tools to change theirlife then they're not going to be successful," said Fore.

Durham will besentenced at a later date following a pre-sentencing investigation.

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