'You've been flocked' pink flamingo campaign spreading smiles for good cause

'You've been Flocked' campaign lasts until April 18 (SOURCE: KTRE STAFF)
'You've been Flocked' campaign lasts until April 18 (SOURCE: KTRE STAFF)
All proceeds of the campaign will benefit the Joseph's House (SOURCE: KTRE STAFF)
All proceeds of the campaign will benefit the Joseph's House (SOURCE: KTRE STAFF)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - People all over Angelina County are being flocked. Scratching your head? Well, we were too. Until we found out who is behind a new pink flamingo craze. Remember, the plastic flamingos at the Dollar Store? Those are the ones mysteriously settling into Lufkin residents front yards.

"We're being flocked!" Kaye Alderman said.

That's the first thing she says her son said to her Monday night as a flock of pink flamingos 'landed' in her front yard.

"It was really kind of thrilling to know that they had selected us and I didn't even know what the benefit was," Alderman said.

And the culprits? The Rotaract Club at Angelina College—a civic group that focuses on a different campaign each year.

"They're pink and they're bright and they're tacky and they're cute and it will bring a lot of attention and that's what we wanted. We want people to be like 'hey, come flock us,'" said Dawn Armstrong, the head of the paralegal department and member of the Rotaract Club at Angelina College.

But the cute, and tacky campaign is all for a good cause raising money for Lufkin nonprofit The Joseph's House, an end-of-life home for terminally ill patients. Jennifer Ogden, the president of the Rotaract Club, says her mom is a hospice nurse and that's how she heard of Lizzie Wallace.

Wallace died in January at The Joseph's House after years of battling stage 4 liver cancer. She was only 19. But her story was so inspirational to the community that an anonymous donor even donated a golf cart for her to take down to the lake.

Ogden says it was no-brainer; The Joseph's House was a perfect fit.

"I heard a lot about them before I went and spoke to them about the fundraiser and they are really great. There are not many organizations like them. They provide a service for the patients who are ill, but also the families," Ogden said.

Denise Bennefield, the director of Joseph's House, says she is thrilled and completely surprised by the fundraiser.

"You could hear the enthusiasm in their voice and [they] told us what they wanted to do with us—with the pink flamingos—and I was really so touched. Number one, that we have an organization outside of here that is really taking things and going with it and another thing is their enthusiasm of their youth and I love to see the youth involved and young adults involved in their community and giving back," Bennefield said.

But just because you've been flocked doesn't mean you have to give. The Rotaract Club are leaving cute, little ransom notes on the neck of the flamingos asking if you want to donate to The Joseph's House. But they say it's perfectly alright if you decide not to and are ready for the flock to move onto its new home. But there is a twist; whoever gets flocked, gets to choose whose home gets flocked next.

And Alderman says she hasn't decided who she will pick next, but thinks the campaign is wonderful.

"Everyone wants to die with dignity and so that's something that I think is really important, so I'll donate."

The campaign will last until April 18th and if you are interested in getting flocked or no someone you want to flock, contact Dawn Armstrong at (936) 676-2899 or Jennifer Ogden at (936) 465-8053.

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