Huntington parents of Ft. Hood soldier share experience

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Just a month ago, Huntington resident Troy Grimes wasreunited with his son Briar.

For nearly a year Briar Grimes served in Afghanistan as anU.S. Army Calvary Scout but last month he surprised his father with his return.

Briar has since been stationed in Fort Hood.

Grimes says Wednesday night he and his family were justwaiting for the phone to ring.

"We were just in arush to get in contact with him to make sure him and his family were ok," saidGrimes.

The 22-year-old works just a mile and a half from the siteof the shooting.

Grimes says he's visited the post several times and sayssecurity is extremely thorough.

"They have to seeeverybody inside the vehicle and they shine mirrors into the care, it's verysecure," said Grimes.

Although he's relieved his son his safe, Grimes says it'shard watching tragedy hit so close to home.

"It's tough that theycan't come home from deployment and they can't feel safe even at home and dothe job they need to do on base," said Grimes.

As everyone continues to search for answers Grimes says hisheart goes out to everyone effected by the shooting.

"I pray for all thepeople involved in this, the families that lost loved ones and those injured, thateveryone can be healed and move on from this," said Grimes.

Grimes says his son is set to return toEast Texas in April of 2015.

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