Feed our future

Children are going hungry and we're not talking about in other countries. It's happening right here in Lufkin. When it comes to child hunger Texas ranks 10th in the nation. Julie McManus, a counselor at Lufkin High School said not every child is getting the food they need.

They may not have a lot of food in the house. There may be just a package of baloney and that it. Their hungry, they are thirsty and they need bottles of water," McManus said.

The stats are alarming, according to the East Texas Food Bank, one in four East Texas children go to sleep on an empty stomach. This is partly due to the fact that 40% of East Texas families on a monthly basis, have to choose between housing, food or health care.

"If student is not feed or is hungry they are not going to be able to perform in the classroom,"  McManus said.

A problem Brookshire Brothers sees. Last month the company, along with other local organizations jump started a program called feed our future. Sally Alvis spokesperson with Brookshire Brothers said in order to get customers involved they wanted to make the donation progress easy. So they set up pre-packaged bags throughout their Lufkin grocery stores to allow customers the option of purchasing either a  $5, $7, or $8 bag of food.

"This is our hometown and these are children that we can directly impact and hopefully allow them opportunities to learn for effectively >

Thursday morning over a 100 brown bags where distributed to several schools in Lufkin and Hudson area.

"Which will equate to them being more prepared for learning," McManus said.

Alvis said the new program is just a start but their goal is to roll out the program company wide in the fall as an effort to stop hunger.