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Crockett PD warns of lawn equipment theft during spring

Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff Source: KTRE Staff

Spring time means it is time to start bringing out the lawn equipment. It also means that thieves are starting to look for unattended lawn equipment.

"Even though you would like to believe it can't happen or it won't happen, it can happen and it will happen," Karen Huffman said.

Crockett police say that over the last year, they have seen an increase in thefts, especially lawn equipment, which is why they are now warning residents.

Glenna Enos and Huffman are part of the Homewood neighborhood watch program in Crockett and have both been victims of thieves and now say they take every step they can to protect their valuables.

"It's a terrible feeling when you come home and something that is yours is gone," Enos said.

"It is hard to believe but it can easily disappear instantly from your yard, almost like going to get a drink of water and coming back," Huffman said. "It can be gone."

Since those burglaries, the two have added home security systems and a shed to lock up equipment, but they have also taken other measures. Those measures include keeping a picture inventory of all items, inscribing the serial number at another spot on the equipment and putting a mark on an item, such as a scratch or a paint spot.

Crockett police are aiding residents by handing out forms that can help keep an inventory of all items and make it easier to track stolen goods.

"It allows us to build a stronger case against people who stole those things," Crockett Police Investigator Mark Hickerson said. "With those numbers entered in on the paper we can in turn enter it into the state database or the national database which allows us to track those throughout the country."

Hickerson along with residents say that it may seem silly but the steps can help in a big way.

Hickerson also said that the same proactive steps used for lawn equipment are perfect to do for any item in a house.

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