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Man claims his neighbor shot and killed his Chihuahua

HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Hinds County man says his three pound Chihuahua was shot and killed by his neighbor. He says this was inhumane animal cruelty and it's not the first dog in his neighborhood to come up missing.

"This is my family, you know, and it is pretty tragic to have to go out and bury the little three pound Chihuahua that just did not hurt anybody," said Richard Beasley.

Dziel is the Chihuahua's name. Beasley says his other dog, an 18 month old Miniature Schnauzer, Mollie, was also shot,  but she survived.

"Her abdomen is full of pellets right now," said Beasley. "Shots through her ear and her belly is still all bruised up from the shots that went through her."

Beasley says his two dogs wandered off his yard Sunday. When we went to find them he heard a shotgun go off.

"So I ran up the driveway and started heading down the road where I heard the gunshot," added Beasley. "One of the neighbors, that actually is another victim; their dog has been shot as well, had my dog in her hands and blood all over her."

Beasley immediately called the Hinds County Sheriff's Department. When deputies arrived, Beasley says the juvenile neighbor admitted to shooting and killing the Chihuahua.

"I asked for my dog to be brought back to me," said Beasley. "I watched them crawl in something behind their house that looked to be a burn barrel and brought my dog back to me in a garbage bag."

Beasley says a total of four dogs have been shot and killed in the area. The law in Mississippi states if a person shoots a dog it is considered aggravated cruelty, but the crime is a misdemeanor.

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