Lufkin ISD expands Dyslexia program

About 20 percent or 1 in 5 people suffer from dyslexia. Currently 170 Lufkin area students battle the disorder everyday in the classroom. 8th grader Kyler Duren is one of them.

"It's like you get your words mixed up..and when you are writing you get your letters mixed up," Duren said.

Duren was diagnosed with the dyslexia at age 6. Although Duren didn't know exactly what dyslexia was, she could tell how it affected her in the classroom.

"It was really hard. I couldn't read as well as everyone else and everyone was getting irritated because I couldn't soak everything in," Duren said.

For those students that don't get the help they need, school has become their worst enemy. Alice Ray head of the Dyslexia program at Lufkin Independent School District said if not dealt with properly it can affect other areas of a child's life.

"It can cause behavior problems. their self esteem can suffer," Ray said.

Currently, the district has three certified academic language therapists or CALT who work with Dyslexic students to deal with the school districts needs. They are planning on adding 11 more therapists one for each LISD school.

"We teach them how to re-read through an intensive phonic program. We teach them how to segment words, we teach them how to spell," Ray said.

The increase in therapists will allow the school district to better serve the dyslexic students by giving them the tools they need and more one- on- one time with teachers. Thanks to this program Duran now make good grades.  Duran said she hopes to study at and A&M someday and become a Dyslexia therapist and help others like herself.

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