Good Samaritans are cleaning up Texas roadways

83 year old Lloyd cook got up Saturday morning at the crack of dawn just so he could up litter along loop 287. He said he must have picked up at least 50 diapers.

"We are going to rename this loop the dirty diaper loop," Cook said.

Cook has been helping cleanup the Texas highways for 35 years and said he plans on doing it for 35 more, but for 80 year old Jim Oglesby this was his first year.

"WellI wanted to cross this off my bucket list," Oglesby said.

Cook and Oglesby were just two of 100,000 Good Samaritan that brave the Texas roadways Saturday. Many of the volunteers had warm spirit despite the chilly weather. Volunteer Joe Register said he even found trash that gave him a good laugh.

"I found my opponents sign. I don't know if he wants it back but I have it," Register said.

From dirty diapers to political sign age to cigarette butts, about 400 million pieces of litter clutter the Texas highways.  In order to keep the roadways clear and safe for driver, Texas spends on average 47 million dollars a year in cleanup efforts.

"I probably picked up three bags so far in a quarter mile," Register said.

There was so much trash to pick up, that they ran out of bags.

"We ran out of bags but I found one when picking up the trash and I used it to then pick up the trash," Oglesby said.

As for spending the day roadside.

"Well we had to dodge a few cars today," Register said.

They even got paid for their efforts.

"We picked up 20 dollar bills and tools," Cook said.

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