Alfred Wright protest turns physical between demonstrators and troopers

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
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Source: KTRE Staff
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Source: KTRE Staff

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - Members of the New Black Panther Party gathered outside the office of Texas Ranger Danny Young to protest the death of Alfred Wright.

"Alfred is going to be the spark that ignites a movement of human rights here in America, especially for those people of African American descent," Jay Morrison said.

Members of the New Black Panthers, New Black United Front and community members arrived at the Jasper Department of Public Safety office around noon Monday.

"We are here to get justice," Kysta Muhammad of the New Black Panthers said. "We shouldn't have to go through all this [expletive] trouble."

The protestors claim that Wright's death is being covered up by Young. An autopsy on Wright's body showed that Wright died from a combination of dangerous drugs.

Wright went missing in the Hemphill area Nov.7,2013. Wright's body was found 18 days later in a field only yards from where he was last seen alive.

After several demands for Young to come outside, protestors tried to enter the building.

Over 20 troopers had to exit the building and keep the crowd under control. After the crowd did not exit the doorway, troopers made a formation that pushed back protestors.

In a video shot by the East Texas News, troopers are seen forcefully moving several protestors.

"As far as demonstrators going into the DPS office, that cannot be done if it is going to disrupt normal business operations," DPS Spokesperson Stephanie Davis said.

As troopers lined the sidewalk, protestors still demanded to hear from Ranger Young.

"If he don't have nothing to hide, then why don't he come out here and talk," one protestor said.

During the commotion, Kofi Tahraka, of the New Black United Front, did not seem happy with the force used.

"If you think you are going to get some justice by singing and praying, then you would be wrong," Tahraka said."

Troopers on scene told protestors that Ranger Young was out of the office.

Wright's family was also on hand for the protest and said they are looking for justice so that what they believe happened to Alfred does not happen to anyone else.

"He was a Christian individual and he like mankind," said Rosalind Wright.

Wright's father spoke and said he is not giving up.

"All I want is the truth and justice to be served," Douglas Wright said. "[I'm not giving up] as long as I have breath in my body."

After the protest, DPS decided to shut down the office for the remainder of the work day. According to Davis, workers in the driver license office said they felt their safety could be at risk and asked for the building to be locked up.

The East Texas News has also uncovered several documents about the DPS investigation conducted by Young.

The Wright family has routinely expressed their disinterest in having  Young involved in the investigation citing they don't know when an official letter was actually written to request Young's involvement by a Texas Rangers Captain.

In February, the East Texas News requested several documents from the DPS office in Austin, including a copy of an official invitation letter. In return, DPS sent the East Texas News a letter that reads:"The department has conducted a good faith search for any and all information related to your request and has not been able to locate any responsive records."

On top of that, we asked for any and all information regarding the original case file and received a blacked out file with generic information.

In a follow-up letter, DPS said "because this is an ongoing investigation, the release of potential evidence would interfere with the investigation and prosecution of this case."

Yet, at the very top of the letter it says the report was conducted by Daniel Young, and approved by a Grover (Frank) Huff, LT. on Nov. 14, 2013, just seven days after Wright disappeared.

Cade Bernsen, an attorney with the Bernsen Law Firm out of Beaumont, confirmed on Monday that they are no longer representing the Wright family. This comes after the law firm announced they were going to start working for the family pro bono back in November.

A reason for their withdrawal in the case was not given.

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