Next week's lunar eclipse will be visible in East Texas

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Next week's full moon won't just be any ordinary full moon.  This full moon will consist of a total lunar eclipse, one that will be visible to all of us in East Texas and North America a week from today.

If you want to view the total lunar eclipse, you will have to stay awake during the overnight hours.  The total eclipse will begin at 2:07 am on Tuesday, April 15th, and end about 78 minutes later at 3:25 am as the full moon moves into the earth's shadow.

Of course, if our skies are clear, we will have a great view as you look off in to the southwestern part of the night sky.  If clouds persist, then the view will not be as spectacular as you might imagine.

If you are a night owl and happen to catch a good picture of the lunar eclipse next week, remember that you can share them by posting them on my Twitter ( or Facebook page (

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