Grapeland PD: Man walking dog spots burglary suspect trying to get into bank

GRAPELAND, TX (KTRE) - A man triedto break into the Grapeland State Motor Bank through its roof and through thedeposit window before he tried to take the air conditioning unit out of theback wall of the business early Wednesday morning.

ChuckFranklin, the chief of the Grapeland Police Department, said that the suspecttried to enter the bank through the roof first. When that failed, he tried tobreak in through the deposit window.

Finally, theman attempted to remove the air conditioning unit from the back wall of thebank, Franklin said.

While thesuspect was in the process of trying to remove the air conditioner, a localresident who was walking his dog passed by and spotted the suspect. The witnessconfronted the suspect.

The witness,who lives within a block of the bank, went home and called 911. Franklin saidthe suspect followed the man to his home and allegedly try to kick in thewitness' front door.

The suspectwas described as a black man wearing a dark-colored hoodie, and Franklin saidthe man was unsuccessful in his repeated attempts to enter the motor bank.

Anyone withany information about this case should call the Grapeland Police Department at(936) 687-5141.

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