City of Nacogdoches urging residents to complete Nac Wise survey

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - What quality of Nacogdoches are you the most proud of?

How would you rate the quality of police services?

These are just a couple of the questions residents will befaced with if they choose to take the Nac Wise community survey.

"We want to engagethem we want to know how they feel about City Hall what they think we're doinggood what we have room to improve on," said Sarah O'Brien, Main Street Director.

The city launched in January the websitefeatures a 14 question comprehensive survey and a community voice module.

Nacogdoches Mayor Roger Van Horn says the website is astepping stone in improving the process of government and letting the communitybecome a part of that process.

"People think thereis a separation of the government and city staff and the people they've electedthat they don't feel like they can get in touch with them," said Van Horn.

Main Street Director Sarah O'Brien says the city's dog parkis an example of what happens when residents share their ideas with cityofficials which is why she is encouraging residents to take advantage of thewebsite's community module.

"City council membersare signed up so they see those comments they are paying attention to what thegeneral public is saying," said O'Brien.

600 residents have completed surveys and once the surveycloses the city staff will present the findings to the city council in May.

"We had sort ofthought that police and fire would get the highest marks and that's been trueand that economic development would get the lowest and that's been true," saidO'Brien.

Cityofficials say the website keeps them accountable and reminds them thatcommunicating with citizens will help make the city of Nacogdoches a betterplace.

The survey closes April 15th and then citystaff will present the findings to the city council in May. Then the councilwill decide how to move forward with the community's responses.

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