Angelina Co. law enforcement: Newest panty bandit incident has a twist

A street sign for S. Chestnut Street (Source: KTRE Staff)
A street sign for S. Chestnut Street (Source: KTRE Staff)
An FM 58 sign (SourceL KTRE Staff)
An FM 58 sign (SourceL KTRE Staff)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Area law enforcement agencies are investigating a series of burglaries dating back to 2009 in the Angelina County area that involves women's panties.

Earlier this week, the latest victim came forward. However, there was something different about this case.

"It's one of the most bizarre cases I have worked on," said Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches.

Sanches was talking about the series of panty burglaries that have been taking place in Angelina County since 2009.

"They break in and they are stealing women's undergarments," Sanches said. "It's been young girls to older women."

On Tuesday, authorities got another piece to the unsolved puzzle.

"A complainant called to report a burglary of a residence that happened on the 8th," said Sgt. David Casper, a spokesman for the Lufkin Police Department. "The complainant noticed that some undergarments were missing from their home, some women's undergarments."

Authorities are saying that this panty burglary has all the similarities to the past cases they have worked on, but one thing stands out - its location.

The latest burglary took place within the Lufkin city limits. The burglar hit a home on South Chestnut Street. This is the first time that the burglary has taken place within the city limits.

The previous 16 panties burglaries have all taken place in Angelina County from FM 58 to Diboll. Sanches said that this has led authorities to believe that this person or persons is getting more aggressive by moving into a more populated area.

"It's a sexually-oriented crime, and you never know; it could progress," Sanches said

Authorities are hoping to put an end to the burglaries for that very reason.

Sanchez says that neighbors need to band together and be each other's eyes and ears.

All of the burglaries have taken place during the day, and luckily, no one has been home.

As of now, authorities have very little information about the panty bandit. They can't confirm if it's one or multiple people participating in the burglary, nor do they have a description of the possible suspects.

Again, law enforcement officials said if you see anything that looks suspicious, contact the Lufkin Police Department or the Angelina County Sheriff's Office immediately.

On side note, we found out the latest victim told Lufkin Police that she and her husband were not going to report the burglary at first.

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