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Authorities release details of panty bandit’s trail hoping for more leads on the burglaries


On September 16, 2009 a burglary at an Angelina County home was the catalyst for a chain a panty burglaries throughout the county.     

Right now the Angelina County Sheriff's Office is investigating 20 cases spanning nearly six years.

It began in 2009, the suspect struck two homes one in September and then again in October.

The suspect struck again in October of 2010 and then again in December.

In early 2011 the panty bandit invaded another home in January but then went on a 10 month hiatus before burglarizing another home in November.

"That doesn't mean they didn't hit in between that time, they just weren't reported," said Lt. Pete Maskunas, Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

Lieutenant Pete Maskunas with the Angelina County Sheriff's Office says a majority of the crimes happened during a clearing trend, just a couple days after bad weather, he says the suspect is likely monitoring their victims and entering homes in broad daylight.

"The hours when people go to work and are being reported later in the evening when people come home from work," said Maskunas.

In 2012 the suspect struck eight times in February, March, July, September, twice in October, November and December.

Five homes were burglarized in 2013 and Maskunas says all of those happened in homes on the westside of Highway 59, the eastside of FM 58 and on county road 1818.

But the most recent burglary happened on South Chestnut, Maskunas says the suspect is somebody who has the appearance of belonging in the neighborhood.

"They enter either a back door or a side door, some place they are not easily seen from the road," said Maskunas.

 Maskunas says that evidence in these crimes has been sent to the FBI crime lab

 But he doesn't believes the cases will escalate beyond burglaries and believes victims aren't in any physical danger.

 Lieutenant Maskunas says the suspect has burglarized some of the homes twice, in those cases he took an ipad, a drill and a home phone.

 The sheriff's office is asking anyone with any information to come forward: 936-639-8728

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