Parents in Wells hope peaceful rally will curb 'Church of Wells' fears; 'Church of Wells' responds

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - Concerned parents and residents of the town of Wells will be hosting a rally Saturday to hopefully show members of the controversial "Church of Wells" how they truly feel about their presence in the community.

Jeffrey Brotherton says his 4-year-old daughter is terrified after members of the "Church of Wells" voiced their opinions last weekend during a town homecoming. As you recall, that confrontation turned violent when several residents got into a physical altercation with church elder Sean Morris and church member Taylor Clifton.

In a previous KTRE story, Clifton said he was preaching at the rally when the fight broke out.

"They were mocking us and gesturing us to come over and really just vile kind of insults and hurling curses," said Clifton. "All of the sudden, lights, kind of wack. I knew I got hit and I hit the ground…someone started jumping on me and punching me in the head and I kind of curled up in a ball."

Morris told KTRE news in that report that he was not preaching that night, but only came to talk with sheriff's deputies.

Clifton received five stitches and has a split lip and Morris is using crutches. Fortunately, no one went to the hospital.

Brotherton told KTRE news how hard it has been to explain to his daughter why she is not going to hell, but says he wants no violence this weekend. He wants this to be a rally of peace.

"I am worried that there might be similar incidents, but I'm trying to stress to everybody that have gotten invited so far that I want to make it as peaceful as possible," Brotherton said.

He says the most important thing is coming up with a solution to make the town peaceful again so "that our children no longer have to sit here and be terrified or going to play because these people are saying they are going to hell. And they can finally be at ease that they know their mother, their father was actually there for them to let them know that's not going to happen."

Sean Morris, an elder for the Church of Wells, sent us a response via email.

"From the beginning of our move here to Wells, the slander, gossip and hear-say was incessant. There was talk of us burning down the town, stock-piling weapons, and taking over the town from the get-go, with many other conspiracies. As we walked the streets for personal prayer, as we sang songs and hymns for personal edification, suddenly we were seen as madmen from the start…but why?" he says.

Morris adds, "as for Saturday, we could not help that there was a 4 year old child in the crowd of people in the parade…what else are we to do? God is sending us to speak to you because He does not want you to perish! Would you meet with and hear us while leaving your children at home? If so, we would be glad for it! What else are we to do for a town which is perishing? Hear me, we desire the adults, not the children!"

As far as the rally, Morris says "We are praying about if the Lord would send us to meet you there at Dairy Queen at 1:30 on Saturday, dear people of Wells. Will you speak to us peaceably? Can we bring our wives? Would you like to meet them and speak to them? We love you."

Brotherton says he hopes that tomorrow's rally will spark up a solution, but he says if they cannot come to peaceful terms he wouldn't mind the church leaving town.

"Honestly, I really would appreciate it. When we first moved here into town, it was a nice, quiet town. My daughter was comfortable—loved going to school and now she's beginning to have nightmares and has been not wanting to go outside and it's just kind of tore me a part that she's went from happy, wanting to do everything to not wanting to do anything," Brotherton said.

However, he says he is hopeful the town and the church can come to an agreement.

The rally will start at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday at the old Dairy Queen off of Second Street and Rusk Avenue in Wells. Chips, and drinks will be available. There will also be t-shirts for sale for $6.50, Brotherton says. The rally will then proceed to the R&R Mercantile down the street.

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