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Try It Before You Buy It: Side Socket

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Ona suggestion from a WAVE 3 News viewer we triedout the Side Socket. So does it really make plugging in electronics behindfurniture easier?

The product promises toswivel to redirect your power so you can safely slide your furniture backwithout any problems with your electrical cords.

To test it we went to theWAVE 3 Sports department where the guys have a lot of cords plugged into tightspaces.

We plugged in the SideSocket and make sure the surge protection and ground were working. Then we went tosee if the product would allow us to push the furniture back further up against thewall - and sure enough it worked.

The Side Socket comes with a surgeprotector already included inside of the unit. The only downfall, according tothe directions, is if you take a power hit and this surge protector is used it'sonly good once. It will still work as anoutlet, it just won't have surge protection for you any longer. So for $12.99it's not a bad buy.

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