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VIDEO: Lubbock native goes viral with comical airline safety briefing


Southwest Airlines flight attendant and Lubbock native, Marty Cobb, says she's shocked by her sudden burst of fame.

"It's more than I ever thought was remotely possible," Cobb said.

Since the video of Cobb's comical take on a routine safety briefing became live on YouTube on April 12, she has had more than one million views and has become a social media sensation.

Cobb says her comedy act is nothing out of the ordinary for her when welcoming flyers onboard, but this time her routine has reached a wider audience. 

Since Monday morning, Cobb has appeared on Good Morning America and the Today show, but her goal is to meet Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon.

"I had a passenger pull me aside and say ‘oh my gosh, we've got to get you on Ellen because you're so hilarious and that is such a compliment coming from passengers," Cobb said.

The Texas Tech alumni moved out of the Lubbock area just a few years ago and has worked for Southwest as a flight attendant for 7 years.

She says she likes to make the speech a little interesting when she can.

"We have to say certain things for FAA standards but I'm just blessed by Southwest that I get to do this and have fun," Cobb said, "And the passengers love it, it makes them feel relaxed and it completely sets the tone for the whole flight."

Cobb isn't the first Southwest flight attendant to make a splash on social media for comedic antics in the air and she says the airline even supports the staff in making all flights a fun experience.

"Things just trickle down because when you treat your employees great, they treat the passengers great," Cobb said.

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