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Boston Marathon bombing victim inspires injured ETX teenager

Rebekah Gregory & Kylee Cubine meet for the first time Rebekah Gregory & Kylee Cubine meet for the first time
LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - One of the women seriously hurt in the bombing is using her recovery story to inspire an East Texas girl. 

Rebekah Gregory and her now husband, Pete DiMartino, were standing at the finish line last year in Boston. They were cheering on a family member when the bombs went off.

Gregory almost lost her leg and has gone through 16 surgeries to try and repair her wounds. She continues to post about her journey, which led to a very special relationship with an East Texas teenager. 

"I'm just very thankful to have Rebekah in my life now," says Kylee Cubine of Longview, "She's shown me how to inspire other people."

Gregory has also shown Cubine how to cope with her leg injury, which is very similar to the one Gregory got from the bombing. 

"I ended up having what's called a degloving injury and it's where my bone breaks through my skin," Cubine says. 

"We went from full speed to a dead stop in 30 seconds and God had a whole different route for us," says Angel Cubine, Kylee's mother. 

Cubine's leg was broken in several places. After eight surgeries, it was time to make a decision. 

"Either a bone graft or an external fixator was our only route left to try to save this leg," says Angel Cubine. 

"I didn't want to do the external just because the way it looked on the outside," Kylee Cubine says. 

Angel Cubine did not want looks to come before her daughter's health so she reached out to Gregory. 

"I saw an interview on her and I saw a fixator on her leg. I thought it was my chance to see if someone could reach out to help her make the right decision," says Angel Cubine.

"It made me feel a lot better about the external just because she had it and she told me. Hearing it from her is a lot different because she's kind of going through the same thing I'm going through," Kylee Cubine says. 

The two quickly bonded. Gregory even invited the Cubine's to her recent wedding. 

"To see her walk down the aisle, like she wanted to for so long, it was very exciting," says Kylee.

Exciting to see her mentor accomplish goals, and exciting to imagine her own future with Gregory's support by her side. 

Kylee Cubine's leg was injured in an ATV crash in January 2013. 

She visits the doctor next Tuesday and hopes to have her 10th and final surgery in the near future.

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