Men at SFA walk in high heels to raise awareness about sexual assault

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - From stilettos, to wedges and even a pop of color, therewere several shoe options for men to take a walk they'd always remember.

"There is not a lotof size 13 women's shoes," said Joy Pitts, Primary Prevention Coordinator,Family Crisis Center.

There were plenty of laughs as men traded their sneakers forstilettos but their walk in women's shoes helped to raise awareness aboutsexual assault.

For the first time the Family Crisis Center hosted the Walka Mile in Her Shoes event on the SFA campus.

Officials say one in five women have been raped in theirlifetime and nearly one in two women have experienced some type of sexualviolence

"Its' not just awomen's issue its their role to stand up for women and take part in prevention,"said Pitts.

About 15 participated and even though they didn't walk anactual mile their footwear definitely caught the attention of other studentsand organizes say that was the whole idea, in order to spread the message.

Health Horizons Community Prevention Coordinator took on thewalking challenge in a two inch black heel and he believes it vital thatcollege students know the facts to protect themselves and others.

"A lot of its goingon, on this campus and other college campuses around the nation and we need tobe more aware," said Roberts.

Its been said that wearing heels changes awoman and officials hope Wednesday's walk will inspire change in the communityand lessen the potential for violence.

All of the shoes weredonated by the Family Crisis Center and Kimberly's Closet.

Next week, the Family Crisis Center will hosttake back the night at Pecan Park in Nacogdoches.

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