One Lufkin man is using gardening to stay young

C.L  Beck is an avid gardener and after almost a century of gardening his talents have been recognized.  Beck garden patio came in first place at the Crown Forest Apartment Spring Patio contest.

"I was shocked. I wasn't doing it to win," Beck said.

Judge Amanda Anderson with Angelina Beautiful Clean said  Beck's hard work and dedication definitely showed.

"He thought outside of the box or outside of the patio if you will," Anderson said.

Beck was one of the twenty Crown Forest residents that participated in the contest.

"His back yard was a beautiful green space. He expanded the what would be considered his patio and tied it in with the area outside the patio," Anderson said.

Beck had about twelve different kinds of plants in his serenity garden and he even had a purple tomato plant. Beck said gardening keeps him young and he has been gardening his whole life.

"I was raised in the country where we had a lot of flowers and plants," Beck said.

He explained that the key to his blooming garden is care.

"You have to talk to your plants," Beck said.

For first place beck received a  gardening gift basket full of gardening goodies.