Angelina & Nacogdoches Counties talking before Pineywoods Showdown: 'We're going to shut them down'

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - If you take a close look at the KTRE Pineywood Showdown trophies, you will find that the Angelina teams have plaques of their teams winning every year.

Nacogdoches has been on the heels of Angelina County though, as the Nacogdoches boys lost by 6 points in last year's showdown, while the girls lost by just two points. With, that the Nacogdoches girls feel this is their year.

"There's going to be a lot of people going for Angelina County, but we're going to shut them down," Emauzja Johnson, from the Nacogdoches girls team.

The confidence of the Nacogdoches girls teams seems to be contagious, as the Nacogdoches boys have the same frame of mind.

"We want to come out and beat them," said Brandon Alvis, from the Nacogdoches boys team. "We just want to come out, and prove everybody wrong."

"We're out there to prove we can play with the big dogs and we're not there to mess around. We're out there to get a 'W'" said Bryce Westbrook, from the Nacogdoches boys team.

No matter what Nacogdoches has said about tomorrow's game, Angelina says things won't change and that history is just bound to repeat itself.

"I have no doubt with our guys we will win," said Chase Ponson, from the Angelina boys team. "I'm pushing more our way. I have confidence in our team. We're going to win."

"I think it's going to be really competitive and the fans are going to be loud and full," said Jessica Gillespie, from the Nacogdoches girls team. "Everybody is going to be there as always, but I think we can pull it out again and continue the tradition."

These teams are playing for charity, but that doesn't at all take away from the tension that has built up between the Angelina and Nacogdoches Counties over the course of 6 years.

"If someone makes a shot on me from Nacogdoches County, I'm not going to tell them good shot. I'm going to get the shot he just got on me," said Ponson.

"There might be a little trash talking," said Kwa Jones, from the Nacogdoches boys team. "I'll just try to see how it plays out first before I start talking."

"We'll feel the rivalry and tension when we get there to play them," said Sara Gunter, from the Angelina girls team.

At this point is won't matter what you say, but how you play.

"We're going to win this game, and take it home for Nacogdoches and the Class of '14," said Johnson.

The Pineywood Showdown will be this Thursday. The girls play at 6 p.m. and the boys game will start immediately after. Admission is $5 at the door. Children ages 5 and under get in free.

Below are the coaches, charities and rosters for the game:

Angelina girls:

Coached by Laura Jones of Diboll

Playing for Boys & Girls Club of Diboll and Lufkin

2 Sara Gunter, Central

3 Lexxus Hamilton, Diboll

4 Katie Davis, Huntington

10 Paige Funderburk, Hudson

12 Tiara Robinson Lufkin

14 Ciara Harrison, Lufkin

20 Latisha Collins, Lufkin

22 Madison Selman, Hudson

23 Maddison Graham, Huntington

24 Jessica Gillespie, Huntington

25 Shelby Finch, Central

33 Caitlyn Lamber, Zavalla

Angelina boys:

Coached by JT McManus of Lufkin

Playing for Harold's House

2 Brandon Mitchell, Diboll

3 Logan Nerren, Huntington

4 JaMarcus Horace, Lufkin

10 Sammy Scott, Diboll

11 Davis Robinson, Lufkin

12 Jalil Jones, Pineywoods Academy

13 Michael Day, Zavalla

15 DJ Gibson, Lufkin

23 Mitchell England, Hudson

24 Chase Ponson, Central

25 George Brown, Central

32 Brandon Carver, Central

Nacogdoches girls:

Coached by Ashley Brown of Central Heights

Playing for Godtel

1 Nacogoches Emauzja Johnson

2 Jasia Berry, Garrison

3 Christy Whitaker, Nacogdoches

5 Hannah Kimbrough, Garrison

20 Kasha Grigsby, Nacogdoches

23 Mackenzie Tucker, Cushing

24 Claire Pinkston, Woden

32 Justice Lockett, Chireno

45 Lauren Lee, Chireno

Nacogdoches boys:

Coached by Dayna Westbrook, Douglass

Playing for Glory Gang Ministries

3 Kwa Jones, Nacogdoches

5 Patrick Sanders, Nacogdoches

10 Lane Williams, Cushing

11 William Rogers, Garrison

12 Bryce Westbrook, Douglass

13 Josh Johnson, Woden

22 LJ Barnes, Nacogdoches

23 Tanner Garner, Central Heights

25 Keaton Foteno, Central Heights

33 Brandon Alvis, Chireno

34 Tim Ham, Douglass

50 James Hill, Martinsville

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