Road Conditions Becoming Problem for Residents

by Jessica Cervantez

Imagine living on a road where conditions are so bad you worry about getting stuck every time you drive on it. That's what people living off Boardwalk Place in Lufkin are facing.

Drivers say it's a struggle everyday they drive on the road. Gloria Jones has no choice. She's a Home Health worker with a patient to visit there.

Jones said, "I come in down this road twice a day, five days a week, Monday through Friday. I have not been able to pass without nearly getting stuck or getting stuck for the last two months."

Jones has been dealing with the road condition for two months. But others have been dealing with it for years.

Resident Candy Wood said, "Every time it rains you can't get in without getting stuck, we've beat our vehicles to death."

Eight-year Resident Jim Woods says the fix is always temporary.

"It just washes out, he has dirt hauled in here and it just washes out," Woods said.

Woods says he spent Thursday filling the holes with mulch so a neighbor would be able to make her appointment.

Gail Harshman, another resident, said, "If he wouldn't have done that we wouldn't have gone husband has serious heart problems and if there needed to get an ambulance down here they would not come down there."

The East Texas News spoke to Larry Byrd, the property owner, who says the road has only been a problem for about the last two months. Byrd said he recently tried to repair the road, but it was washed out by the rain. He plans to come out and work on the road Saturday or Monday, if it's dry enough.

Neighbors say they just want the road to be drivable.

Wood said, "We're not asking him to put a highway in we just want him to fix it where it's passable."