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'Total service' and 'extended' warranties different and confusing


A Mesa woman feels like she got short-changed on an extended warranty for her appliance. It turns out that was not the case but the wording on some warranties can be confusing.

Many extended warranties kick in after the manufacturer's warranty expires. But many retailers sell warranties that are not set up that way, and if you don't pay close attention, you may think you're getting more protection than you really are.

Kay Daniels bought a Maytag Washer from a major Phoenix-area retailer back in 2011. The unit came with a one-year manufacturer's warranty from Maytag. Daniels says the salesman also offered her a five-year warranty for $100 and she took it.

"The warranty would start at the end of the Maytag warranty which was one year," Daniels said.

That's how Daniels understood it. She had the one-year Maytag warranty and the five-year extension, for a total of six years. But when the contract arrived in the mail, it showed she only had protection for a total of five years.

"It meant to me that I had lost the one-year warranty I had with Maytag," Daniels said.

When Daniels contacted the retailer, they explained that she didn't buy a five-year extended warranty, she bought five years of total service, meaning the one-year manufacturer's warranty and four more; not five.

"They told me that my warranty contract started on the date of purchase," Daniels said.

And that's exactly what it says on the contract Daniels signed; five years total service. She now knows the difference and to make it clear to a salesman if a true extension is what she wants.

"Make sure that the warranty starts at the end of the manufacturer's warranty," Daniels said.

Bottom Line: Before you pay for extra protection on any appliance from any retailer, make sure you are clear whether it's five years extended coverage or five years total coverage.

A true five-year extended warranty may not be offered by the store, but at least you will know what you are paying for.

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