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Highway 80 sale taking place this weekend

Shoppers browse items at the Highway 80 sale (Source: KLTV Staff) Shoppers browse items at the Highway 80 sale (Source: KLTV Staff)
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If you're traveling Highway 80 on Friday or Saturday, you may want to be cautious of vehicles making frequent stops. But you may want to join in since it's once again time for the Highway 80 sale.

It is now five states long since Georgia joined this year: The Historic Highway 80 Sale. There's just not enough time to see it all, so let's start in Hawkins and head toward Longview.

Tammie Harp has been Highway 80 shopping for three years using her husband as a chauffeur, and this time she scored big at a shop in Hawkins.

"So you decided on the baseball-related liquor bottle," I observed.

"Yes, yes; baseball and liquor, you never can go wrong," Tammie Harp said.

A little east of Hawkins, Larry Seibert creates art forms using a welding torch and has all kinds of things to sell like a sailboat he pulled out of Lake Palestine.

"When the dock fell apart in the drought I had to move the boat, so it's been for sale ever since. S-a-i-l: sail," Larry said.

He also has a very unique mailbox for sale.

"That's a hole-in-one golf box right there," Seibert said.

"That is definitely a hole-in-one golf box. How much?" I queried.

"I'll let it go for about twenty. Let me tell you where it came from: the dump," Seibert answered.

Farther east is Monty Sawyers and Stuff.

"Do you have a Kodak Hobby Printer?" I asked Monty.

"Yes, sir, I sure do. Right here," he answered.

"Do you have a big metal tripod?" I asked Monty.

"Big metal tripod? Well, for surveying, maybe," Monty revealed.

"Do you have a King Master Trumpet?" I had to ask him.

"Yes, sir. As a matter of fact right here," Monty offered.

"Do you have a metal rooster?" I asked Monty.

"Most definitely. Right here," Monty said.

Highway 80 was lined with a whole lot of random.

"Do you have a lady-head lamp?" I asked Teresa Vanmeter.

"Yes I do," she replied showing me just that.

Kind of creepy if you ask me.

And yes, you can even buy really big rocks from Randy Rumfield in Gladewater. He says if you want:

"Want some yard stones but can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on them, you can get one of these and pick it up," Rumfield stated.

Styrofoam stones that look real. Yes, you can find anything if you drive far enough.

Remember, this year the sale is Friday and Saturday only because Sunday is Easter. If you miss the sale there will be another one the third weekend of October.

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