East Texans share what they gave up for lent

Easter Sunday will have an extra special meaning for 8-year old Andrea Santana. For Santana this was the first year she gave up something for lent.

"I gave up tea for lent," Santana said.

She said it was no easy task but the good news is,she didn't cheat.

" I just messed up and then I stopped and my dad said if you say God forgive me it will be okay and so that's what I did," Santana said.

For Bruce Green he has given up food for lent for seven years.

"I eat one meal a day a salad in the evening," said Bruce Green.

He confessed although he has been doing this spiritual diet for almost a decade it wasn't easy.

"This year I lost 21 pounds,"  said Bruce Green.

However, he gained in spiritual discipline .Bruce's wife Debra Green gave up something a little bit different.

"I gave up tv and just not having the sound at home was just a different experience,"  said Debra Green.

She said not having the TV on at home allowed her to become closer to her grandson.

"I found that we read more books together and he really liked that," said Debra Green.

She said this quality time gave her the strength and discipline from breaking her resolution.

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