Over a thousand Lufkin kids got a head start on Easter activities

Easter came early for 1,800 East Texas kids. Over 10,000 Easter eggs graced three softball fields at Kit McConico Park in Lufkin Saturday. In addition to the array of colorful eggs there was an array of baskets. Surprisingly, some of the baskets were as big as the kids carrying them.Many of the small hunters just couldn't wait to get their hands on some Easter eggs, that they rushed the field before they were suppose to. 6- year old Joshua Oglesby said  some of the kids didn't play nice.

"It was hard getting eggs and one kid pushed me," Oglesby.

However, Oglesby still made out like a bandit getting close to a dozen eggs, which was a lot more than some. The little tots that were unable to get some eggs were given some at the end of the hunt. Organizers say that most kids were pro's and got over 10 Easter eggs. The colorful Easter eggs were filled with candy and toys but some of the eggs were child proof for Sophia Oglesby. In the end the mad dash was a little too much for some kids, that they rested instead of playing around.

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