State Comptroller Says Economy Is Looking Good

They are the signs of the times. Full time plant shutdowns and part-time job openings. But the Texas economy and job market are starting to look better.

Texas State Comptroller, Carroll Keeton Strayhorn said, "we're not going at the blistering pace of the 90's but it's a good moderate growth. And that's fine."

While that may be fine for the state comptroller, job hunters may not think so.

Kennetha Joseph was looking for a job. She said, "I needed a job where I'd get, you know, 40 hours in, and all the jobs that called me were part time, less than 20 hours. Wasn't going to work."

Joseph just got married. She needs benefits like health insurance. But those usually only come with full time jobs. And she needs Mondays and Wednesdays off for her college classes.

Joseph said, "something where I knew how many hours I was going to get. I didn't have to think 'oh this week I'll be doing good but next paycheck I may not.'"

Kennetha found plenty of part time jobs out there to get by. We saw 3 postings for help wanted just driving down Timberland Friday. State leaders say these openings are a good sign, the state economy is improving.

"As long as we have that good steady growth, we're still gonna out pace the U.S. economy and the U.S. growth state, U.S. gross national product. We're gonna outpace that in the state of Texas," said Strayhorn.

After a semester of searching, Kennetha now has the full time job she's been looking for. A goal other Texans are also hoping to reach, as the economy moves forward.