MADD encouraging parents to talk to their teens about underage drinking


LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Mothers Against Drunk Driving is encouraging parents to sit down with their kids Monday and have conversation about the dangers of underage drinking.

MADD research shows that a clear message from parents that drinking is unacceptable showed that teens were 80 percent less likely to drink.

MADD's message to Texas parents is simple: you're teens are listening so talk to them about not drinking.
East Texas Region, Affiliate Executive Director, Leslie Watson says, "I cannot emphasize enough the important role parents play in addressing these issues with their children."

PowerTalk 21 day is the national day where parents are encouraged to have a conversation with their kids about the dangers of underage drinking, dangers that go beyond car crashes.

"Children who drink alcohol before they're 21 are more likely to face problems in school, be assaulted, abuse alcohol later in life, drown or fall or die in a car crash," said Watson.

Current Miss Dallas Outstanding Teen and Lufkin High School Junior, Kassidy Brown said, "I didn't even know that the drinking age is 21 because it ruins your brain before that I didn't really know that until I got involved with MADD and everything they do. I thought it was 21 because you're not responsible enough until then."

According to a recent survey by MADD 73 percent of teens claim most of all of their friends drinking motivates them to drink too but on the other hand 62 percent of Texas teens say their parents are a motivating factor for them not to drink.

Brown is also one of nine teen national teen influencers and her job is to talk with her peers about the dangers of drinking.

"If I save one life, if I save one girl from drinking before she's 21 then I've done my job," said Brown. "I didn't drink. I made that choice when I was really young that I didn't want to do that ever. I used to think oh I have to go to parties to be cool, I had to do those things to be cool in high school. I'm definitely not that person. I don't really care about going to parties."

Brown said, "I love talking to younger kids about it actually because you might not think that they understand why you shouldn't drink before the age of 21 but they get it and it's not good for you so I talk with them about healthy choices and making good decisions."

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