Rusk Expo showcases East Texas small businesses

Small business owner, Ann Marie Fraser is talking about her homemade prized jams and jelly's.

Fraser, has been making her heirloom recipes for family and friends for as long as she can remember.

"This is something that I really enjoy. It's therapy for me getting in the kitchen and being able to can these items," Fraser said.

Around Christmas Fraser managed to turn her hobby into a side business. Tuesday she came out to The Rusk Civic Center in hopes to get some new patrons.  Fraser's goal is to move her small business out from her home and quit her regular job by the end of the year.

"It's important to work with small businesses to encourage them because we have to many large business that don't give you the same one on one that you get at a small business,"  Fraser said.

She adds a lot of mom and pop businesses are just trying to support their family.  It's the very reason why Jackie McBroom started her business.

"It started out with something fun for our kids to helps them with the patience to sit still and hand and eye coordinate," McBroom said.

Making scarves kept McBroom's daughters busy and out of trouble. McBroom said small businesses are the backbone of every community.

"They bring so much more to the community. It's a unique one of a kind product. Its directly invested back into the community and it keeps the hometown values within the family within the community, "  McBroom said.

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