Veterans Day Remembered With Parade In Nacogdoches

They had more sprit and honor than many have ever seen. Those who fought in WWII, are sometimes referred to as our Greatest Generation. Many of them weren't even finished with high school. Many like Navy Radioman James Cochran.

Cochran said, "I had to lie about my age when I went in. I think it was a nice little fib but it was not exactly the truth."

Cochran was barely 16-years-old and in the 10th grade when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. He says he lost some friends in that attack, and it prompted him like many others, to join the military.

Cochran said, "I wanted to go so bad and thought it was my duty so I got my parents to sign the papers for me."

He dropped out of high school and shipped out for the Navy, fighting for our freedom. On Saturday, he and many other veterans were honored by a Veteran's Day Parade in Nacogdoches. Cochran says seeing all the people come out to say thanks means a great deal.

"This just makes me real proud to be a part of it and see these folks turn out like this and honor us. We're getting few and far between now," said Cochran.

Cochran's grandson is now in the military. It was his outfit that captured Saddam Hussein. Cochran says he is proud of him and the job the armed forces are doing.

Cochran said, "I just hate that our young people have to go over there, but they're doing their part and I'm so proud of them."

Who Cochran calls young people nowadays are a lot older than the ones that went into battle during WWII, but that's when they felt the call to duty.